BC Innovations


Intelligent Devices and IoT
Create effective product designs and rigorously test prototypes
• Design and engineer intelligent devices
• Leverage software and firmware
• Prototype and test rapidly
• Assess product usability
• Conduct patent searches
• Reduce product development costs
• Conduct paid pilots
product development


Get it Right
Ensure full-volume production starts and continues without incident
• Create detailed product specifications
• Source production materials, components, and subsystems
• Set production conformance expectations
• Define product approval criteria
• Define change control processes
• Plan for product maintenance, refurbishing, and redesign
• Fabricate essential production templates and molds
• Assure regulatory requirements are met
• Define quality control processes
• Integrate pre-production with full-volume production


Get It Done
Use smart automation to implement, execute, and manage full-volume on-shore manufacturing and assembly functions
• Minimize costs
• Maximize production mix
• Maximize volume and throughput
• Maximize production flexibility
• Maximize quality
• Scale rapidly
• Shorten production runs
• Achieve superior quality control
• Create competitive advantage
• Compete globally
White arrow laying down on white background. 3d rendering


Leverage and Control Production Capacity
Realize critically important production competencies to maintain competitive advantage and increase company valuation
• Experience product design build flexibility
• Gain production effectiveness and efficiency
• Access strategic infrastructure
• Leverage intelligent Cob@tic operations
• Reduce costs
• Mitigate risks
• Accelerate growth
• Maximize capital equipment utilization
• Increase company valuation in less time


Cob@ts and AI
Create intelligent human/robotic systems to provide unique capabilities for client-specific production requirements
• Maximize Human/Robotic collaboration
• Maximize productivity through systems integration
• Maximize effectiveness of automated processes
• Maximize control over material handling
• Maximize efficiency of packaging and distribution
• Engineer, build, and maintain custom robotic end-effectors
• Sustain competitive advantage from process automation
Red low poly human brain on a black background. Abstract anatomy organ. Brain in 3D polygon style.